Howitzer70 KS7 Muzzle Brake (Patent# US D831,775 S)

Howitzer70 KS7 Muzzle Brake (Patent# US D831,775 S)
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    * NOT FOR USE with Fine Birdshot due to airflow diversion to sides which makes the brake so effective. Thank you.

    Our Howitzer70 Brake Enhances the KS7 by providing recoil reduction of up to 70%, and also keeps the front shoulder strap away from the muzzle to prevent accidentally shooting the strap.

    Hi-Tech Howitzer70 Muzzle Break Specifications:
    - 5-Axis CNC Machined from 2024-T3 Aircraft Billet Aluminum. Keeps the weight down on the front this way
    - Length: 2.595" past thread end, Diameter: 2.000" Wide X 1 3/8" High, Weight: 2.0 oz!!!
    - Up to 70% Felt Recoil Reduction. **BEST MUZZLE BRAKE FOR KS7 ON THE MARKET**
    - Can be used only with #00 Buckshot or Slugs. Finer Birdshot will not stay tight enough together due to air diversion.
    - Designed by US Military for Howitzer Cannons, now applied to the KS7 for the same amazing effects.
    - Top Vented Holes machined to Reduce Muzzle Rise.
    - Manufactured by us at Hi-Tech Custom Concepts in NY supporting jobs in America!
    - Angled Side ports to maximize Recoil Reduction giving us that amazing recoil reduction
    - Black Hard Anodized to Military spec MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 for Steel like Strength without the weight
    - Comes with Shim Timing Alignment Kit and complete directions to install on your KS7
    - Besides the benefits listed above this just looks Bad Ass on the KS7! How can you resist
    - This item covered by "Patent #US D831,775S", Thank you.

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    Howitzer70 KS7 Muzzle Brake Howitzer70 KS7 Muzzle Brake Howitzer70 KS7 Muzzle Brake Howitzer70 KS7 Muzzle Brake