About Us

Our Mission:
Hi-Tech Custom Concepts is a family owned business firmly committed to developing and producing original, unique, high-performance accessories for both the firearms and automotive industry. All our products are designed to improve the performance and aesthetics of the firearm or vehicle that our product is being installed on. We take pride in manufacturing all components in house with US labor, helping to support our economy and provide jobs to Americans. We thank you for your patronage.

Company Profile:
Hi-Tech Custom Concepts was originally founded in 1973 in Mt.Vernon, NY. The business started out as a contract CNC Machine shop specializing in aerospace, medical and optical aluminum parts. A few decades later our passion for auto's and shooting took us on a path to design, manufacture and retail our own product line of corvette, hummer and now KSG Accessories. From there Hi-Tech Custom Concepts was born in 2002. We operate out of the same facility to stay on top of manufacturing and quality control.

Hi-Tech Custom Concepts continues to grow and innovate new products for both the firearms and automotive industry. Our success is measured by product quality and 100% customer satisfaction. We strongly support individuals right to keep and bear arms as defined in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Thank you for your support and God Bless America.