Hi-Tech's KSG-NR Heat Shield

Hi-Tech's KSG-NR Heat Shield
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    * Heat Shield is CNC Machined from Aircraft Aluminum for extreme light weight.
    * Protects your hand from the scorching hot barrel.
    * Length: 4.550", Diameter: 1.325", Weight: 2.5 oz
    * Matte Sand Blasted & Hard Anodized to Military Spec MIL-A-8625 Type III Class II Hard Anodize.
    * Comes with complete directions to install on your KSG.
    * VENTED Air holes machined to dissipate heat and protect your hand from the hot barrel.
    * Gives the KSG-NR that 50 Caliber Machine Gun look. Another intimidation factor.
    * ***NOTE*** Our KSG-NR Hammer Wrench Nut Remover Tool will be needed to install this heat shield.

    Besides the safety benefit listed above, this just looks Bad Ass on the KSG-NR! How can you resist.

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    KSG-NR Heat Shield‏ KSG-NR Heat Shield‏ KSG-NR Heat Shield‏ KSG-NR Heat Shield‏